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Hollywood AC Services Hollywood, FL 954-363-0112Did you just purchase a new air conditioner and are scouting for a technician to get it installed? Remember that the decision you take at this juncture will determine how much you reap out of your investment. Hire the wrong person, and you’ll end up with an improperly installed air conditioner that will not work as intended, run into frequent repairs, contribute to absurdly-high electricity bills and die well before it’s due. Hire the right person and you can get your money’s worth for the air conditioner by ensuring that it works to its optimum efficiency and lives to its full lifespan. If you want the latter, then you need Hollywood AC Services – an industry leader in providing comprehensive air conditioner services including AC installation for residential and commercial clients in Hollywood, FL area. Call us on 954-363-0112 and we’ll carry out the installation for you.


Even if you purchase the most expensive and the best-selling AC model available in the market, there are a number of things that can possibly go wrong, and send your investment down the drain. It all boils down to who you hire to carry out the installation for you.

An amateur is bound to commit the following rookie mistakes during the process:

  1. Recommending the wrong size: This is the most common mistakes amateurs make, suggesting clients a unit that’s either too big or small.  An insufficient size may lead to insufficient cooling, while a unit that’s too big will wear out quickly due to its short on/off cycle.
  2. Improper wiring: A lot can go wrong with the wiring if you hire someone with little to no experience in new AC installation. The sloppy wiring can not only affect the unit’s working but may also promote electrical hazards.
  3. Inadequate insulation: Gaps, crevices and open windows can hamper with the efficiency of the unit’s working and thus, need to be sealed. In addition, there has to be adequate insulation on the suction line of the AC. The untrained eye may miss out on these aspects.
  4. No proper set up: Even something as trivial as a loose bolt may cause the entire unit to vibrate excessively, promoting faster wear and tear. The unit must be placed and installed in the perfect manner; perfection that could possibly be missing from an amateur’s work.

If you don’t want to end up with someone who commits one or more of the above mistakes, then don’t make the mistake of hiring an amateur. Instead, rope in a professional from us, and get the installation job carried out without a hitch.


Replacing an old AC:

Want to replace your air conditioner with a new or better model? Then Hollywood AC Services is the place to call! We can analyze your property, identify the ductwork spread out in the property, assess other parameters including the number of people, the sun exposure the space receives, among others to recommend the right AC and install the same in your property.

Installation in a new construction:

Installing an air conditioner in a newly-constructed space is relatively complex owing to the fact that everything, right from the blueprint for the ducts to the final installation, needs to be carried out. However, our experts can construct a viable plan and carry out the process seamlessly from start to finish, on projects of all scales and complexity. So, whether you want us to set up ductless split ACs in your home or a centralized AC at your commercial space, you can trust us to deliver.

If you want to get a new AC installed, then get it installed the right way! Hire the pros in Hollywood, FL area by dialing 954-363-0112!