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Hollywood AC Services Hollywood, FL 954-363-0112It’s a perfectly normal day, the sun’s shining bright and the sky is a clear cloudless blue. But what if these cheery morning vibes are disrupted when your air conditioner stops working all of a sudden? Despite all that we love about the weather in Hollywood, FL area, it’s not a place where you can go without an air conditioner for far too long. So, imagine having to brave the hot temperatures when your AC chooses the worst moment to stop working at home or having to talk your clients through your investment plans in an overlarge oven-like conference room. A defunct AC can rob you of the cool and comfort that you’ve grown quite accustomed to and can throw your entire day into disarray. Fortunately, you can always count on a reliable AC service company to fix any issues, assist with installation, periodic maintenance and more.

Hollywood AC Services is an industry leader in rendering outstanding AC services and is the choice of hundreds and thousands of commercial and residential clients in the region! Be it installation, repair, or maintenance, make us your air conditioning service partner by dialing 954-363-0112 – and we’ll make sure we help you keep your cool, always.


Locally-owned and operated:

Established over two decades ago, we take pride in being a 100% locally-owned and operated company that has a long-standing track record of delivering quality work and providing the local community with top-notch service.

Same-day service:

Ever called an AC company only to be given a 12-hour or 24-hour window to fix the problem? With us, it won’t come to that, because we assure same-day service and arrive on-the-spot in less than 30 minutes. Any service you need, is provided then and there, and not carried over to the next day.

Trained and professional technicians:

Understanding complex AC mechanisms, their working, fixes, installation, and more, isn’t something one can master reading a book. Our technicians undergo rigorous training and hands-on exposure to the job, which makes one of the best and most talented teams in the industry.

Domain-specific service divisions:

We’ve set up two separate divisions to tend to the vastly different HVAC service needs of residential and commercial spaces. With specialists in each niche, and tailored solutions that are designed to accommodate the service requirements, we’re the one-stop solution providers in Hollywood, FL area.

24-hour assistance provided:

AC trouble can come calling at any hour, and when it does, be sure that our experts will be at the ready to tackle it! Whether you need refrigerant change or want us to carry out a full-blown installation of a new air conditioner at your commercial place, you can trust us to deliver 24/7.

Priced right:

All our services carry a stamp of superior quality, yet come at an affordable price tag, making them a perfect fit for budgets of all sizes. Reasonable and honest, we’re quite open about our prices, and make sure we quote the accurate estimate before we begin working.


‘I came home after a long day to discover that my AC wasn’t cooling the room. Sleep did not come, though I tried. Extremely thankful to the responsive 24-hour service delivered by Hollywood AC Services. These guys sent a technician over to my place within half an hour and the issue was fixed promptly. Would highly recommend’ 
– Tyler H

‘Where do I start? These guys are incredible! I wanted a new AC but wasn’t able to decide on one. Besides helping me choose one, they also helped me procure a good deal on the air conditioner in addition to installing it at a subsidized rate’James S

‘We needed a centralized air conditioner for our newly constructed property. We had an appointment but they cancelled on us! It was truly laudable how Hollywood AC Services agreed to work for us on such a short notice. The technicians are smart, came well-equipped and finished the entire job in a few hours. Definitely, our go-to AC service company from now on’AngelaM

The positive reviews and customer feedback we’ve received for our services stand testimony to the fact that we are truly the best AC service company in the region. Do you need any more reasons to choose us? If you need an AC expert, then hire one from us today by dialing 954-363-0112!

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