Hollywood AC Services - Emergency AC Service


When the brutal summer heat sets in, the residents of Hollywood, FL area don’t think twice about letting their air conditioners run at full blast, sometimes even 24-hours a day. The rough and continuous usage can take a toll on ACs, and sooner or later, result in a malfunction or an unexpected breakdown in the middle of a hot summer afternoon. Imagine returning home to a home that feels like it’s an extra-large oven due to a faulty AC. Out of sheer desperation; you may find yourself making frantic phone calls to every nearby AC service company and may make a wrong choice or two. But worry not, because you’ve finally found a company you can trust to provide emergency AC service! Choose Hollywood AC Services – the fastest, most efficient, reliable and affordable AC service in the region!


Yes, you can, at least to an extent! Often, the result of unexpected breakdowns or trouble in operation arises due to our own oversight. Most people exhibit a sheer disregard when it comes to AC maintenance, and only spring into action when there’s something wrong or it stops working completely. Subscribing to a proper maintenance plan and ensuring that any issues are weeded out before they blow out of proportions can go a long way in reducing chanced of AC trouble.


If you ever find yourself confronted with a defunct or faulty air conditioner, ring us up on 954-363-0112 and we’ll be there to provide professional assistance. Here are a few reasons why we’re the best when it comes to providing emergency AC service:

  • Assured 15-20 minute arrival:

    We aren’t bluffing when we say this; we reach you in less than 20 minutes when called upon, thus making sure that you receive the quick resolution you’re looking for.

  • 24-hour services:

    The last thing you want is to be facing an AC breakdown in the middle of the night. When it does happen, count on us to be open to serve you!

  • No added charges:

    Availing emergency AC services would mean paying double or sometimes triple the amount charged at regular times – but not with us! We stick to a standard rate, 24/7!

  • Service calls by experts

    You don’t want your service call to be dealt with by an amateur. With us, you won’t have to worry, because every technician we hire is an expert!

  • Swift resolution:

    Taking forever to resolve the problem would mean a few more hours of suffering under the intense heat. Don’t worry, our experts can solve most problems in less than an hour!


To deliver exceptional emergency AC services that we’re renowned for in Hollywood, FL area, we’ve gone the extra mile in redefining and revamping our business model. Where others stuck to a 9 to 5 pattern, we chose to shatter the conventional norms and worked 24/7. While others allocated novices to tackle emergencies, we made sure every member of our team is a trained and highly skilled expert, thus ensuring fast and positive outcomes. Unlike other companies, we didn’t rely on external transport or on limited vans to get to client location; rather we purchased a massive fleet of vans that doubled up as our mobile workshops to reach the location fast, and provide a solution even faster.

Committed, driven, passionate and most of all, responsible, when you call us, you can be sure that you’ve left your concerns in safe and trusted hands.

You can call us for:

  • Hollywood AC Services Hollywood, FL 954-363-0112Emergency AC repairs
  • Unscheduled maintenance checks
  • Overnight installation work
  • Urgent part replacements
  • Refrigerant change
  • Clean-up of HVAC
  • Condenser/compressor fix
  • Addressing an AC breakdown

AC not working? Need immediate emergency AC service? Trust Hollywood AC Services! Dial 954-363-0112!