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Hollywood AC Services Hollywood, FL 954-363-0112Weather in the Hollywood, FL area can get rather complicated; with summer temperatures reaching a scorching high and winters forcing you to reach for a blanket. The only thing that keeps us sane with these highs and lows in temperature is our air conditioning that works extra hard, almost throughout the year, to maintain the desired conditions within your property. To keep up your cool and comfort at all times, you need comprehensive products and services that match your needs and a qualified team of experts to provide them. Without the right AC service to guide you through, you’ll end up making ill-advised decisions or be at the receiving end of shoddy service or sold something that’s completely wrong for you and your requirements. 

That’s why you always need to be careful who you choose. You can’t go wrong with Hollywood AC Services – a leading AC service company with over two decades of experience in delivering phenomenal air conditioning repair, maintenance and installation services.

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You don’t have to save a bunch of phone numbers of different technicians to get the job done. All you need is 954-363-0112 – and you get access to a massive range of services. We can install new air conditioners, fix malfunctioning units, recommend air quality improvement techniques and more.


Any job – be it a new AC installation or a simple clean-up – is carried out with a professional finesse that assures you superior results. With a talented team, cutting-edge infrastructure and quality-oriented business model, we make sure you get the best of AC services.

Delivered on time:

You don’t want to be left sweating in the sweltering heat for hours at an end because the AC service tech refused to show up. When you call technicians from Hollywood AC Services, be assured of service delivery within 15-20 minutes and same-day resolution of your request.

For the best AC services in Hollywood, FL area, you need to call 954-363-0112!

New AC Installation

Did you just purchase a new air conditioner and are scouting for a technician to get it installed? Remember that the decision you take at this juncture will determine how much you reap out of your investment. Hire the wrong person, and you’ll end up with an improperly installed air conditioner that will not work as intended, run into frequent repairs, contribute to absurdly-high electricity bills and die well before it’s due. Hire the right person and you can get your money’s worth for the air conditioner by ensuring that it works to its optimum efficiency and lives to its full lifespan. If you want the latter, then you need Hollywood AC Services – an industry leader in providing comprehensive air conditioner services including AC installation for residential and commercial clients in Hollywood, FL area. Call us on 954-363-0112 and we’ll carry out the installation for you. Click to read more...

AC Repair

When summer season arrives, your instinctive reaction is to reach for the remote, switch the AC on and soak in its cool aura. In Hollywood, FL area, especially, air conditioners have beyond doubt become the most common electrical appliances used and are seen just about everywhere; in homes, offices, multiplexes, malls, retail stores etc. Can you imagine your life without an air conditioner? We know you can’t! Despite being more of an essential than a luxury, it’s quite disconcerting to notice how many people don’t give their air conditioners the extra attention they deserve. Neglecting proper maintenance, repair and servicing may cause your air conditioner to go down at unexpected times, throwing a wrench in your daily routine. If you don’t want to find yourself struggling to make a defunct AC work or waiting for hours to get it fixed, you need to make sure you’ve got the number of Hollywood AC Services for all services related to your air conditioner. Dial 954-363-0112 to avail the services from an expert!  Click to read more...

AC Maintenance

Think about it; you’re conscious of what you eat, make calculated lifestyle choices and take care to never miss out on a periodic physical exam to assess and improve your health. So, why don’t we treat everything else the same way? Most people sideline the importance of AC maintenance and only pay their air conditioners any attention when they stop working or show operational discrepancies. Why is it that we’re always ready to shell out an exorbitant sum over repairs?  Why don’t we instead take proactive measures early on and spend a fraction of the sum over maintenance? If you want to make sure you don’t end up melting from the summer heat in Hollywood, FL area because of a defunct air conditioner, then you need to do all that’s possible to keep it in trim condition. Start by calling Hollywood AC Services on 954-363-0112! We provide customized AC maintenance plans for both residential and commercial clients and help keep your air conditioner in top condition. Click to read more...

Indoor Air Quality

After a long and tiring day in the heat and dust of outside, you step in to your home, looking forward to its cool comfort, fresh air and cozy environs. Sadly, this mental picture of perfection would be shattered if you were to know the truth. The most common misconception which many people harbor stems from the notion that being lodged within four walls instantly redeems them from outdoor pollution, a notion that finds no basis in facts. The reality is that you could be breathing in air that’s perhaps even more contaminated than what you find outdoors – and you may not even know it. If you want to keep your indoor air healthy and free of contaminants, then you need to team up with Hollywood AC Services. We’ve been behind enhancing the IAQ in countless residential and commercial spaces in Hollywood, FL area, and have helped them breathe free and healthy. Click to read more...

Commercial HVAC System

In the modern business landscape, air conditioning plays a vital role in maintaining a productive and conducive work environment. Your staff morale, work efficiency, and productivity is all linked to it, thus making it highly important to choose the right system, and still more important to rope in the right AC service company. Considering the bustling business activities and the relatively warm temperatures that prevail in Hollywood, FL area, you can find an AC service company at just about every corner. But if you don’t want sloppy work at cheap rates, and are looking for quality, timelines, reliability and affordable rates, then you need to call Hollywood AC Services – a highly reputed and established AC service agency that is renowned for its commercial HVAC systems and solutions. Click to read more...

Emergency AC Service

When the brutal summer heat sets in, the residents of Hollywood, FL area don’t think twice about letting their air conditioners run at full blast, sometimes even 24-hours a day. The rough and continuous usage can take a toll on ACs, and sooner or later, result in a malfunction or an unexpected breakdown in the middle of a hot summer afternoon. Imagine returning home to a home that feels like it’s an extra-large oven due to a faulty AC. Out of sheer desperation; you may find yourself making frantic phone calls to every nearby AC service company and may make a wrong choice or two. But worry not, because you’ve finally found a company you can trust to provide emergency AC service! Choose Hollywood AC Services – the fastest, most efficient, reliable and affordable AC service in the region! Click to read more...

Residential AC Service

Your home is your sanctuary, a place where you get to shed the extra baggage that comes with a hectic work life and get to relax and unwind. A large part of your home’s comfort is determined by your air conditioning! Imagine living in Hollywood, FL area in a posh apartment, but not owning an air conditioner to shelter you from the scorching heat that prevails in the region. Sounds unimaginable right? The idea of surviving without an air conditioner is absurd, and that of expecting it to function seamlessly without the help of an AC service company is even more so. If you need superior comfort and cool 24/7, then you need Hollywood AC Services – a residential AC service expert that has till date served hundreds of properties of all scales and sizes, right from the smallest of condos to the largest of villas. Whether you want a new AC to be installed, or are simply looking for a tune-up, 954-363-0112 is the number you need to call! Click to read more...