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In the modern business landscape, air conditioning plays a vital role in maintaining a productive and conducive work environment. Your staff morale, work efficiency, and productivity is all linked to it, thus making it highly important to choose the right system, and still more important to rope in the right AC service company. Considering the bustling business activities and the relatively warm temperatures that prevail in Hollywood, FL area, you can find an AC service company at just about every corner. But if you don’t want sloppy work at cheap rates, and are looking for quality, timelines, reliability and affordable rates, then you need to call Hollywood AC Services – a highly reputed and established AC service agency that is renowned for its commercial HVAC systems and solutions.

With a client base ranging from high-end retail stores to offices to business centers, we’re considered the one-stop solution for all commercial HVAC needs.


We’re experienced:

Experience speaks volumes about the outcome you receive. You can’t expect someone with little to no experience to handle complex commercial air conditioners. We’ve worked with these systems, and thus, know them in and out.

We’re considerate:

We understand how faulty air conditioner in a commercial establishment can stall work and productivity, and are aware of the repercussions attached to such events. That’s why, we take extra care to resolve AC repair or installation requests by commercial clients at the earliest.

We’re all-in-one

Hiring different contractors to handle different jobs can get tedious! Leave everything related to air conditioners to us, and spend time on doing what matters for your business. From consultation to repairs to maintenance, our commercial HVAC experts can take care of it all.

We’re efficient

An AC repairman taking hours to fix the issue could mean lost business hours for you! But we, unlike others, are super efficient and work quickly! Even if you entrust a full-building installation job, we’ve got the manpower, the resources and the skill to finish it up overnight.

We are NOT pricey

Unlike other AC services that are priced at over-the-top rates, we ensure we maintain honest and nominal pricing that gives you complete value for money. From a low service fee to subsidized product pricing, you’ll find your expenses on AC services considerably reduced when you team up with us.

Our bespoke commercial HVAC solutions are for:


Whether it’s a new construction or an office building with existing ducts, we’re armed with the wherewithal to provide our solutions for the entire space. This ranges from planning and laying out the ducts, installing a centralized AC or a multi-split system, carrying out periodic maintenance, conducting repairs and more. We can work quickly, efficiently and despite the large project size, quite affordably.

Contained spaces:

Apart from handling AC services for full-scale projects, we also render customized solutions for contained spaces such as those for server rooms, data centers, customer areas, and any other specialized areas where localized air conditioning is required. We’ll get the job done in a cost-effective manner!

Critical spaces:

While other areas such as the lobby or the employee work station can afford AC downtime of an hour or two, there are few critical areas, such as operating theaters, ICUs in hospitals, server rooms and other areas that require specialized attention to be paid to the type of air conditioning installed, as well as warranting the need for backup systems in case of failure. Hollywood AC Services will take care of these criticalities.


  • Hollywood AC Services Hollywood, FL 954-363-0112Advice on installation a commercial HVAC
  • Repairs and part replacements
  • Customized AC maintenance plans
  • Indoor air quality improvement methods
  • Overnight repair or installation work
  • Emergency AC services
  • Ductwork layout
  • Clean up of HVAC system
  • Refrigerant change
  • AC replacements

For comprehensive commercial HVAC services in Hollywood, FL area, reach out to us on 954-363-0112!