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After a long and tiring day in the heat and dust of outside, you step in to your home, looking forward to its cool comfort, fresh air and cozy environs. Sadly, this mental picture of perfection would be shattered if you were to know the truth. The most common misconception which many people harbor stems from the notion that being lodged within four walls instantly redeems them from outdoor pollution, a notion that finds no basis in facts. The reality is that you could be breathing in air that’s perhaps even more contaminated than what you find outdoors – and you may not even know it. If you want to keep your indoor air healthy and free of contaminants, then you need to team up with Hollywood AC Services. We’ve been behind enhancing the IAQ in countless residential and commercial spaces in Hollywood, FL area, and have helped them breathe free and healthy.


Hollywood AC Services Hollywood, FL 954-363-0112Unlike pollution such as thick smoke or visible dust that glares you in the eye; most cases of poor indoor air quality go unnoticed. Outdoor allergens, pollen, mold spores, cooking smoke etc, re-circulating in closed spaces can lead to unhealthy air, which in turn, can trigger allergies, cause respiratory problems and other ailments and exacerbate asthma. While obvious signs such as foul odor or frequent illnesses or accumulation of dust indicate a problem with your indoor air quality, it’s wise to get professional opinion from an expert who can test the indoor air and measure the level of contamination in it.


If you or a professional has confirmed that your indoor air isn’t as pure as it should be, then there are a few steps you can take to alleviate the problem. Some measures include:

  • Replace air filter:

    Make sure you replace and not just clean the HVAC air filter at least once in a month to eliminate a majority of airborne contaminants in your property.

  • Groom pets:

    Pets can shed hair and spread hair throughout your property. It’s advisable to keep them groomed and clean them if they’ve been outside.

  • Indoor plants:

    Cleanse the indoor air with plants such as Aloe Vera, Boston fern, Golden Pothos and Ficus Tree that are known to absorb carbon dioxide and other toxins.

  • Ventilation:

    Poor air ventilation can cause stale air to circulate within. Open a window from time to time to allow fresh air in and aid in ventilation.

  • Vacuum with HEPA filter

    Invest in a vacuum with a HEPA filter to reduce the toxins accumulated on the floor, walls and other surfaces.

  • Healthy habits:

    Something as simple as smoking outdoors or leaving footwear outside can make sure you don’t contaminate your indoor air.


Adopting the DIY measures we’ve stated can go a long way in improving your indoor air quality, but that doesn’t make your indoor air entirely pollution-free. Call in Hollywood AC Services for professional assessment and air quality improvement! Our experts will:

  1. Clean the HVAC unit:

    Dust and dirt accumulated deep within the vents and ducts can cause the polluted air to circulate within your property. Our experts will clean it up.

  2. Air purifier installation:

    Setting up an air purifier can get rid of airborne contaminants and filter out harmful pollutants, thus leaving your air healthier than ever. We’ll pick the right one for your premises.

  3. UV light installations:

    If you want to take it still further, setting up UV lights can kill harmful microorganisms that may still prevail in your space. Let us take care of it!

Better indoor air quality is only a phone call away in Hollywood, FL area. Dial 954-363-0112 now!