About Hollywood AC Services - Hollywood, FL


Hollywood AC Services Hollywood, FL 954-363-0112Nearly every success story is a result of determination, innovation, hard work and a pursuit for excellence – and ours was also the same! Established over two decades ago as a small and humble AC service company, we’ve since come a long way, slowly but steadily climbing up the rungs of success to become the premier AC service company in the CITYSTATE%] area. Surviving the cut-throat competition was tough indeed, but we did something that was even more impressive – we overcame it to affirm our position as the industry leader and the number one choice of residential and commercial clients for AC repair, maintenance and installation services. Backed by a team of air conditioning experts and robust infrastructure, Hollywood AC Services is relied upon for delivering quality-oriented, reliable and expert-driven solutions at affordable rates. It’s no wonder our number 954-363-0112 can be found on the contacts of a vast majority of the local community.


The past:

All great things start small – so, when we started out of a small work shed over two decades ago, the only thing we were big on was ambition! Working with a handful of talented technicians, we put our passion and zeal to work, delivering outstanding service to the local community.

The present:

Our relentless drive for excellence and comprehensive service eventually earned us recognition, and today, we’re the #1 AC service company with a massive team of trained technicians, a best-in-class infrastructure and a huge client base comprising residential and commercial customers.

The future:

When it comes to the AC services industry, one can never hit a saturation point! We’re always on the lookout for continuously improving our services and to become a better version of ourselves. Through our persistence, we hope to become the single point of contact for AC service in the region.


Any business, besides needing a strong foundation of values and commitment, requires pillars to support its endeavors. We’ve been fortunate enough to be associated with some of the best minds in the industry, who bring an entirely new perspective to how AC services should be delivered. A strong educational background, with relevant training certifications and experience in working on-the-field, has made them veterans in the field, who can tackle just about any challenge thrown their way, ranging from  something as simple as fixing a leaky duct to as complex as carrying out the installation of a centralized system in a large space.


With a solid reputation to boast of and enriched industry expertise, no parallels can be drawn between the level of service we provide to that provided by other locksmithing companies in Hollywood, FL area. Built on a framework of quality, integrity and honesty, we always put our clients before everything else and strive to deliver maximum customer satisfaction. When you reach out to us, know that you can trust us to take over the ownership of your AC-related problems and provide a viable solution to it at industry-best prices.

When your AC stops working or you need a technician to lend you professional advice on choosing the right HVAC system, know that you can always trust Hollywood AC Services to provide the right solutions. Reach out to us on 954-363-0112 now!